Tracking down rare crashes in DX11

I’m trying to track down some crashes that only happens on end users machines.

I have gpu crash dumps working, and since they work without the crash monitor this would be ideal for me to use.
The crash dump provide a shader hash, but I’m having trouble mapping my shaders to this hash. There are functions for dx12 and vulkan.

Alternatively, I’ve considered using Markers, but that means you have to run the aftermath monitor.
I can’t get that to my end users, because that is part of the nsight sdk, which requires nvidia accounts to install and use.

Hi jonas.meyer3,

This seems a duplicate topic as another one you posted, anything different in this topic?


This is not a duplicate.

I’m looking for a way to resolve the hashes for my shaders in DX11, so I can find the shaders that where active when the crash occurs.
The hash is there, even on DX11, but it is not documented how I map this back to a DX11 shader?

The other question is, how do I get Aftermath to an enduser, so I can have them run with Marker capture?