Trying to install XP... Boot Error.

Hi everyone,

I don’t actually know is this the right topic but i have a problem with installing XP.

I’m running Vista and i have alot of problems with it.

Last time(moth ago or so) when i tried to Install XP it failed, when the install rebooted and tried to continue, I guess it was Boot.ini corrupt file or " A Disk Read Error … " I guess the second one.

I’m not sure actually, I read the tutorial for Dual-boot. Or was it.

Click Here doesn’t work it leads back to square one.

Took the quote from:…uide.htm?page=1

Page 3.

EDIT: And I have a Geniue XP SP2 key, but i lost the CD, Is it legal to write a new one? And does it work when i write it on DVD?

I cannot see how this problem is related to anything of NVIDIA, Maybe it’s a good idea to take a look at Microsoft knowledgebase

The thing that happened while installing XP is that it probably corrupted your MBR.
Normally you get the message NTLDR missing or something like that.

What you can do (when XP was installed first, don’t know if it will work the other way around) is restart your computer with the Vista CD in it choose repair during installation process. When they ask what installation you wanna repair choose ‘1’ then copy the NTLDR and from the I386 folder to your root where your windows Vista is installed.

This is the way you could do it with XP don’t know if it works on Vista.

Don’t blame me but I all did this without any other website so I can have some parts of it wrong.