Two Orin module design on one PCB

I have some questions when I design the two orin module on one system. One module is set rootpoint and another is set endpoint.
1 what is the sequence for two module? Two SYS_VIN_HV 、two SYS_VIN_MV、two SYS_RESET_N、two MODULE_ POWER_ON、two CARRIER_ POWER_ON and others,how can I use these signal in the one system?Can you give some advice?
2 Many devices will connect to the two modules,does the module only controls the devices which connect to the itself?Or rootpoint module can control all devices?
3 Can rootpoint and endpoint module use one image ?


Basically there should be a full carrier design for each Orin as requested in Design Guide. And the RP and EP connection is listed in DG too. You can treat them as separated two system with PCIe connection.

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