TX2, Orbitty Carrier and Camera


I need to process images on a drone from 5 meters height. To do this, I am looking for a good camera with at least FOV of 90 degree. There is a limitation for camera usage because of orbitty carrier. I am not sure which camera should I use. It is really challenging to select a suitable camera. Can you please recommend a suitable camera which is compatible with Orbitty Carrier for Jetson TX2?

My researches:

  1. Intel RealSense can be used with Orbitty Carrier since it has USB connection.

  2. Usage of MIPI camera is not possible with Orbitty Carrier.

  3. There is an another option which is using USB webcam (i.e Logitech c930e). However, I could not find any information whether it takes quality images from 5 meters height or not. Also, I do not know if logitech cameras can be used with orbitty carrier and jetson tx2.

Can you please help me to decide or learn more about camera selection for orbitty and jetson tx2 ?

Best, Ender.

Not sure if this will work, but you can buy a webcam with interchangeable lenses, see below (this might work)

Just get an ultra wide angle lens


Already found answers for my questions. But thank you anyway.