TX2 PCN206440 overlay

I have used the Jetson TX2 module (Not NX) in a product in mass-production.
It was developed using JetPack SDK 3.3.
Recently I knew that the TX2 module purchased recently have been changed in material parts and found PCN206440 about this change.
But I can’t apply the PCN206440 overlay to my product because I have made changes in dtb, cboot and kernel sources and this overlay have only binary files.
I tried to update our JetPack 3.2.1 to JetPack SDK 3.3.3 which include PCN206440.
But, for there are so many changes in kernel, it seems to take very long time to do it.
Can I get the minimum source to reflect only the changes of PCN206440 ?

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You can find the TX2 PCN206440 overlay patch at Linux for Tegra R28.2.1 | NVIDIA Developer

Here I can find the patch.
But this patch has only binary.
Whrere can I get the source of the patch?

There is no source file provided for overlay patch.
For your case, we can only suggest to upgrade your SW baseline to the newer one. Sorry for that.

I have no time to update my full system(JetPack 3.3 based) to the JetPack 3.3.3 based one.
Can you provide the minimum changed sources required to reflect the PCN206440?

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