TX2 powering on issue with 12V DC supply from 72V to 12V DC to DC converter

I’m trying to power up the TX2 using 72V DC battery (Li-ion) using 72V to 12V DC converter.
It is not turning on just like it is not getting enough current though the source is able to provide 10A.
I’ve tested other components with the power supply and measured the current and it was able to give 6 A easily, but when i plug in TX2, it doesn’t pulls the current from the source and red light gets on for a second and turns off after pressing the power button.
What should I do in turn to provide current to the TX2 or do I need any circuit in between power and TX2?

The initial surge current (over a very very short time…perhaps microseconds or low end milliseconds) must be stable. If there is a slight change in voltage at the moment of powering on, then you can expect this to occur.

Some things to consider:

Thank you for your prompt reply,
I’ve read in a post that it has 5.5 x 2.5 connector, it was hard to find, but i did found it in local store but it was not fitting into it. I’ll try to find
Secondly, does the voltage rating of the capacitor matters and how safe is it to use capacitor as i don’t want to damage the TX2 with high voltage.

Any capacitor which is slightly higher in voltage rating (or a lot higher in voltage rating) will neither be damaged, nor cause damage. If your power is running 19.2V (the maximum power for the development kit), then even a 20V capacitor max voltage rating would work…but I’d recommend a bit over that just as a rule of thumb (example, 22V to 50V rating). That rating is just the maximum voltage the capacitor is allowed before it fails…any actual power supply voltage significantly below that rating will not cause a failure.

Note that most 5.5mm barrel connectors say 2.5mm inner diameter. The “actual inner diameter” may not be what the package says it is. This is one reason to buy from a dealer which has such specifications (e.g., the Digi-Key URL listed above). 2.5mm will work for most cases, but it seems to have some extra resistance and Jetsons are very picky about this right at the moment of starting up. Thus the “2.1mm” inner diameter.

I have had 2.5mm ID work, but it is hit and miss.

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I guess only the initial power was issue, and 4700uF 25V capacitor did work well and now it is booting up.