TX2 USB3.0 not work on my custom board

Hi, On r32.3.1, my custom board,the USB3.0 no output from enable pin, so USB3.0 not work
Then I tried to follow some posts to modify the dts file “tegra186-quill-p3310-1000-a00-00-base.dts”:
pinctrl@3520000 {
vbus-0-supply = <&vdd_usb0_5v>;
vbus-1-supply = <&vdd_usb1_5v>;
vbus-2-supply = <&battery_reg>;
vbus-3-supply = <&battery_reg>;
vddio-hsic-supply = <&battery_reg>;
avdd_usb-supply = <&spmic_sd3>;
vclamp_usb-supply = <&spmic_sd2>;
avdd_pll_erefeut-supply = <&spmic_sd2>;
but , Still have the same problem ,usb not work ,What’s the possible reason?

We have detail of device tree programming in adaptation guide. Please take a look.

If you have identical USB lane mapping to default board, you may refer to the post:
Third USB on custom board not working with JetPack 4.2