Ubuntu 18 kernel 5.0 integrated graphics GF 8300 HDMI output with driver 340.107 freezes.

When displaying images through an external video card GeForce GT 240 with drivers 340.107, the system works without comment. But only through the bios the main internal graphics is set as the main one when the login window is loaded and the slightest movement of the mouse does the system freeze.
On ubuntu 14 with kernel 4.4 with a patched driver 304.135, the GF 8300 works without comment.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (95.3 KB)

No errors are visible in the logs. Can you ssh into the system while frozen to create a new one? Does it also freeze when you remove the gt240 from the system?

With the removed GF 240 card, nothing changes. Here is the new log.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (80 KB)

You attached the old log from october.

Sorry. I reloaded the new log.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (80 KB)

Not much to see but that the gpu gets reset multiple times. I’d say it’s simply broken.

The same computer configuration works well with Ubuntu 14 kernel 4.4. and drivers 304.135.
  Having launched on the same computer Ubuntu 18 kernel 5.0 and the driver 340.107 the integrated GF 8300 card breaks?
  The computer hangs tight, nothing works, you have to disconnect from the power

Ok, did you check if this is a kernel or driver issue by using the 340 driver on kernel 4.4?

I remember that when the transition to the new kernel in Ubuntu 14, had problems with the Nvidia driver 304,135. And from this forum I downloaded the patched driver 304.135 for ubuntu 14 kernel 4.4.
  I just installed the 342.01 WHQL driver for windows 7 64 bit on the same computer. And everything works without comment.
  In general, some kind of incompatibility of the GF 8300 graphics core and drivers from Nvidia with kernels> 4.0.

Kernel 4.16/4.17 enabled many chipset power management features, maybe some of those broke something on your platform so that the driver doesn’t work. You could really only check by installing e.g. a vanilla 4.9 lts kernel. Though I don’t know if that would work with udev/systemd of ubuntu 18.04.
FYI, the 340 driver is also EOL by end of this year, so it will die completely sooner or later.

It is very sad. I’ll look, maybe someone can patch the driver. Thank you for your attention to my problem.