Ubuntu 20.04 not working with RTX 4090

Hey all,
I am trying to get the RTX 4090 GPU to work inside Ubuntu 20.04. I have had no success thus far and would really appreciate some assistance. Basically what happens is I install the nvidia drivers and then am unable to boot. I have tried disabling secure and fast boot. I am using a MSI Creator 16 AI Studio A1VIG-074US Laptop.

The kernel of 20.04 is too old to drive the intel igpu in your notebook. For a workaround, please check if you can switch graphics to nvidia only.
The recommended way would be to install a current distro with current kernel, though.

Makes sense. Thanks for the response. My current kernel version is 6.5.0-18. Which kernel version would I need? Instead of switching the OS is there a way to just simply upgrade my kernel?

Also, when I run lspci -k it doesn’t even show my nvidia graphics card.

Doesn’t really make sense, where did you install the 6.5 kernel from?
Also, you would need to install matching firmware.
Please run nvidia-bug-report.sh as root and attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file to your post.