Ubuntu login page can not display on Hdmi

I flash the rootfs to sd card connect to sdmmc3, and change the sdmmc3 status to okay.
then I change the extconf as below.

I reboot the jetson nano, the login page can not display on Hdmi,but I can login on series port.

You can try to dump the uart log first.

Also, I don’t think your sdcard will just work by changing sdmmc3 to okay.

1,this is the uart log.
series_log (72.4 KB)
Also, I don’t think your sdcard will just work by changing sdmmc3 to okay.
2, we also change the SD detect pin;

  1. Please clean up your terminal. Your log has NX log inside of it .

  2. Please also share the dmesg and /var/log/Xorg.0.log.

this is the log which include uart, dmesg and Xorg
dmesglog.txt (55.7 KB)

uart_log (21.4 KB)
Xorg.0.log (11.0 KB)

dmesg and xorg log show no error. Is this custom board able to show the ubuntu desktop when using emmc to boot?

yes,emmc load is ok.
I try to used startx on sdcard, it alse can display GUI.
the rootfs between emmc and sdcard are same.

Have you tried to restart gdm3 when monitor is blanked?

I compare the process between sd card and emmc, I find the ubuntu-system does’t start the gdm.

how can I start the gdm3 on jetson nano?

Can you use systemctl status to check the gdm3 status when error happened? It will tell why it does not launch.

BTW, if gdm3 didn’t launch, then the xorg log you shared is not a true one.

sorry,I made a mistake about the problem,the sd card start the gmp process,but it does’t start the gnome.
this is the process about sdcard and emmc.
gdm_emmc (4.3 KB)
gdm_sd (1.9 KB)

So restart gdm3 won’t bring the desktop up?

yes, I execute the command “sudo systemctl restart gdm3”, it won’t bring the desktop up

Is your /var/log/Xorg.0.log getting updated after you ran this “sudo systemctl restart gdm3” command?

yes, it’s been updated.

Could you compare the Xorg log on sdcard case and emmc case?

this is the log about emmc and sdcard.
the emmc contains these two lines

Xorg.0.log.sd (14.8 KB)
Xorg.0.log.emmc (14.9 KB)

If you try startx, will the xorg gives you these two lines? Remember to disable gdm before running startx.

yes, it’s gives me theselines;

But in previous log you shared, your sdcard case also has this line.

[     8.312] (--) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Acer EH240Y (DFP-0): connected
[     8.312] (--) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Acer EH240Y (DFP-0): External TMDS
[     8.313] (==) NVIDIA(0):

Which one is correct here?