Ubuntu + Quadro + 3D vision

Dear all,

first I would like to compliment the developers for implementing 3D Stereo with the composite extension on Quadro cards. This is implemented in the last beta (337.12) drivers. There is a catch though. The Release Highlights include this line: Using stereo with a composite manager requires a stereo-aware composite manager. I am using Compiz and it seems that it is not stereo-aware.

My question to the linux community is if anybody knows which composite manager would classify as “stereo-aware”?

I am not sure if this is encouraged but I would like to point out a thread in the 3D vision part of this forum. There was some discussion about the incompatibility of composite and 3D Vision. Here is the link https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/556113/3d-vision-and-surround/3d-vision-and-composite-option/


This is what I got from emailing Andy Ritger of Nvidia. It seems Owen Taylor of Red Hat is updating gnome/mutter to be stereo-aware.