UE Server Connection

we have set up a workstation for the omniverse server. now i can perfectly connect to it via omniverse create. though if i try with the same address within the UE environment the connection will fail. Do i have to add a additional prefix when adding a server in UE? Or maybe i have logged in with the wrong user and need to invoke a different user from UE? How would i do that?

server address is formated as follow for both UE and Create: omniverse://xyz.ethz.ch

Omni Create


thank you.

never mind. i figured it out. you need to add the server connection online and add the suffix :3009 to the adress in UE.

strange though that it declares the connection as “mangled”


thank you.m

So, I’m curious that you needed to login to the server by adding the connection online first. When looking at your image of the Content Browser, I see /Game/Omniverse/omniverse. Did you at first try to add a server named omniverse://xyz.ethz.ch?

This is what happened when I added omniverse://localhost as a server:


I could perhaps make that dialog understand a URL as a server to prevent this kind of error. Thank you for pointing it out to me! I have filed a bug in our system - OM-27345

As for the _MANGLED name, we cannot display many characters (space, dot, bang, at, pound, etc) and this was all we could come up with. We have two ways where we could solve this:

  1. Figure out a way like Create does to allow you to “name” your connection - it looks like you did that in Create.

  2. Ask Epic if there’s a way to display folders and files with these “special” characters.