Unable to display, unable to reinstall system

In the first step of installing the system through SDK, the system option cannot be selected.
Through SD card burning system: After installing Xavier NX into the SD card burning system, it does not display. Both 5V and 3.3V are available

If this is an SD card model of dev kit (no eMMC), then you have to also flash the Jetson itself with a compatible release. On those modules there is QSPI memory on the module itself that contains the equivalent of a BIOS, plus boot code. You need a correct Ubuntu release host PC to do that (when in recovery mode the Jetson is a custom USB device and it cannot self-flash). L4T is the software that gets installed, and JetPack/SDKM is flash software. Go to the L4T URL that you have on your SD card, and get the flash software here:

If this is an eMMC model, then the issue is different and it would require an initrd flash to work with an SD card (and in fact it would probably be a third party carrier board that requires their flash software).

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