Unable to flash TX2 with Jetpack 3.1 -> "The system is running in low graphics mode"

Hi all,

I have flashed my TX2 with Jetpack 3.1 on a Ubuntu 16.04 Host. The flashing process finishes successfully (at least thats what Jetpack says). When I boot up the TX2 I get a pop up which says “The system is running in low graphics mode”. Apparently the graphics driver is not installed correctly.

I can get into the command-line prompt by typing ++. When I try to login with the default credentials (nvidia / nvidia). I get logged out immediately again with an error that the system cannot change into directory “/home/nvidia: Permissions denied”

Can somebody please help me?

Thanks in advance.

The first thing I would suspect is that permissions may not have been preserved on the host PC when creating the flash image. If the file system the host used was not a native Linux file system (e.g., ext4 works, NTFS and VFAT will fail), then this would guarantee a problem. In the flash location the “bootloader/” subdirectory may contain the old system.img.raw which created the install. If you go there and run this it will tell you how much space is left and what file system type it is:

df -H -T .

Note that if you flash on command line and don’t use sudo to unpack the sample rootfs, or if you run apply_binaries.sh without sudo, this too will cause a permission failure.

About space…if your host ran out of space while creating the image you will find the image is truncated and flash will still work…but it will send a partial image. This could also be an issue. What is the exact byte size of “bootloader/system.img.raw”? cd there then “ls -l system.img.raw”.

Yes I didn’t think about it, but the file system on which I ran the installer is a “fusblk” system.

“ls -l system.img.raw” gives me 30064771072 or 28G if call “ls -lh system.img.raw”.

I will try running the process on a native Linux file system.

Running it on a native Linux file system did the trick. Thanks!!!