Update Jetson Nano with L4T 32.2.0 to L4T 32.2.1


I have a big problem and I don’t know how to solve it. In order to launch RealSense 435i with Jetson nano, I have to install patches from jetsonhack, however I have to have L4T 32.2.1 version. When I tried to do that I’ve got the error that I have 32.2.0 L4T version.

Can you please provide a clear way how can I update L4T from 32.2.0 to 32.2.1?


Hi ega.semenyaka,

Please using sdkmanager to flash image with r32.2.1 on Jetson-Nano board.


Will I be able to save all files and settings on the Jetson? Or when I flash that image I will help completely new Jetson??

Hi ega.semenyaka,

You can using L4T OTA update.
Please reference L4T documentation -> Quick Start Guide -> L4T Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates.

sudo apt install nvidia-l4t-kernel

With that command “sudo apt install nvidia-l4t-kernel” do I need to specify L4T version which I want, or it will update to the latest one??

Hi ega.semenyaka,

Sorry for confused you.
The OTA update for r32.2 is preliminary release.
We will support OTA starting from r32.3, please waiting for coming soon r32.3.1 documentation.

So I still can’t understand, It is not possible to update from 32.2.0 to 32.2.1?

Hi ega, you need to re-flash SD card to upgrade R32.2.x. You can re-flash either using the SD card image from NVIDIA with the Etcher tool, or with SDK Manager. Re-flashing will reset your SD card, so backup any files you need in advance.