Upgrade from Jetpack 4.6.1 to dev preview 5


Maybe a stupid or too obvious question but i received my Xavier NX based system (Advantech mic-710ailx to be more specific) preinstalled with Jetpack 4.6.1. I need to upgrade to 5 in order to run my custom software on ubuntu 20.04.

I have followed the getting started steps to create microSD card with Jetpack 5 flashed on it. What next? Even if i install physically the SD card to device the old system is still boots up. I am not too familiar with Linux based systems. Should i somehow select boot priority to start installation from image?

I have tried to search for tutorials and topics with no success.

Thanks in advance

I can’t answer, but is it correct that your NX is a dev kit (using SD card)? If so, then boot content is on the QSPI memory, which is part of the board itself, and not on the SD card/rootfs. You would have to flash the Jetson itself with JetPack/SDK Manager to get the correct boot content. However, I don’t know if the DP 5 supports the NX dev kit or not.


Thanks for reply. Indeed i had dev kit version of NX Xavier even though i first thought i have the normal one.

I managed to get the board updated with native ubuntu 20.04 and SDK manager. For some reason the automatic upgrade was not working but manual one was.

Before that i tried with virtual box ubuntu. That solution was not working for updating purpose.

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