USB mouse and keyboard is not working once camera connector connected


The Jetson AGX Xavier has been utilized for development. I2C, SPI, GPIOs, and PCIe x4 and x8 are just a few of the interfaces present.

When using the J30 connector, I have no issues for the I2C,SPI, UART and GPIO’s. However, the Jetson AGX Xavier keyboard and mouse stop operating as soon as I add the camera connector cable (HQCD-060-09.84-TTR-TTR-1) to my board. I have connected only for accessing I2C, GPIO’s and UART. Attached the schematic capture of my board connector. I’m not using any power from the camera connector,

  1. Could you help me with this issue!. Which IO’s or any interfaces related to USB from camera connector (J509).

  2. Do we need to do any change or disable the firmware related to the camera connector?

Are you using the cable to J509 on devkit carrier board (P2822)? Have you checked if the pin usage of your design is correct? Why are the pin 93 & 95 used as UART4_CTS /TX ? Are they just GPIOs? There is a buffer on pin 95 on P2822 board, did you know that? Anyway, you should check your connector design carefully based on P2822 schematic to make sure no conflict. In general, these pins won’t affect USB function.

I’m using UART_4 RTS and CTS as GPIOs. I know there is a buffer, but does it affect anything?
Actually i have verified pin to pin,after connecting the camera connector cable.

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