USD prebuilts using newer Python versions

Hello hello!

With Python 3.6 approaching end of life soon (Python | and USD being notoriously difficult to build and manage, I was wondering – are there any plans to update the available prebuilts (Pixar Universal Scene Description (USD) | NVIDIA Developer) using newer Python versions?


Hello @gleichsnerd and welcome to the NVIDIA Developer forums!

Since you are asking specifically about USD I think you might be better served in the Omniverse category. I hope it is ok if I transfer your post over there.

And welcome again to the community!

Hello @gleichsnerd! Thanks for reaching out to us. I let the dev team know about your post. We should hear back soon!

Hi, we do have plans for updating the prebuilts, but we need to rework our packaging pipeline first, so I don’t have a firm timeline yet for when we’ll be publishing again. Thanks for expressing your interest in it!