USD Schemas from Isaac to Houdini


We’re using Houdini to process and generate assets before it’s used in Isaac Sim.
One of the things we have to do is to apply the api schemas to our mesh assets before export.
The native schemas such as “PhysicsCollisionAPI” can be applied using the configure primitive node in solaris. We also have to apply the “PhysxCollisionAPI” schema but this isn’t in the default USD module.
I’ve used the “PXR_PLUGINPATH_NAME” env variable or “Plug.Registry().RegisterPlugins()” function to import the plugin into Houdini and both methods work. When printing which modules are detected it’s printing the “physxSchema” and the dll path and loaded status.

The issue:
The path to the dll that’s being printed is:

But there is no “/lib” folder in the “/kit” folder.
When i print the plugins in Isaac Sim it points to the same “/lib” folder which doesn’t exist but is able to apply the physx schemas to meshes and i can see this when i export my box as a usda.