Use ROS2 Bridge on Ubuntu 18.04

I installed Isaac Sim (latest) on my Ubuntu 18.04 machine to play around and see what it can do.
Now, I would like to use ROS2 bridge to push my tests further, but from what I read in the documentation, the recommendation is to use ROS2 Foxy + Ubuntu 20.04. But it is also said in Isaac Sim’s requirements that it only supports Ubuntu 18.04.

Is there a mistake in the documentation ?

Sources of the mismatch : Isaac Sim Requirements — Omniverse Robotics documentation and ROS & ROS2 Bridge — Omniverse Robotics documentation

Thanks !

Hi dsauval,

No there is no mistake in the documentation. The preferred setup is to use ROS2 Foxy that would run in container or on another Ubuntu 20.04 machine.


Hi Liila,

Thank you for the clarification :) ! Have a nice day !