Isaac sim partial support on Ubuntu20.04

As per link 1. Isaac Sim Requirements — Omniverse Robotics documentation , ubuntu 20.04 is partially supported.
But, we need to experiment with ROS2 foxy , which mandates Ubuntu20.04. specifically we want to use ROS2 bridge as mentioned in ROS & ROS2 Bridge — Omniverse Robotics documentation and experiment with ROS2 Navigation 1. ROS2 Navigation — Omniverse Robotics documentation

So, kindly clarify if all above ROS2 features/tutorials are validated with ISAAC SIM on Ubuntu20.04. And should i assume Ubuntu20.04 is fully supported for ISAAC SIM


Isaac Sim is fully QAed and tested on Unubtu 20.04 and you should use ROS2 foxy
The only reason that we say Isaac Sim is not fully supported on 20.04 is that Omniverse in general is not fully QAed on 20.04

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