User creation script for headless flashing

Hi, is there a reference user+password creation script for headless deployment so just the step can be skipped for initial ubuntu setup configuration after flashing?
By some reason on ubuntu Host PC I do not see outputs from running the ttyACM0 port connection on a new unit.

sudo screen /dev/ttyACM0 115200

hello _av,

there’s script file, $OUT/Linux_for_Tegra/tools/ to creates default user and bypass the oem configuration setup.

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@JerryChang Thank you for pointing it out!
However, is there an easy way to add to the script somehow wifi ssid + password ?

hello _av,

I’ve never try this.

however, there’s nmcli utility for network manager.
wifi radio should be default configured as on. you may first checking with $ nmcli d wifi list for available wifi network SSIDs.
there’s NVIDIA bluetooth/wifi init script, i.e. /etc/systemd/
you may try adding this… $ nmcli d wifi connect SSID password into init scripts.

please test it, looking forward your test results.

If you know of particular files to modify, then most of what is in “rootfs/” is used as an exact copy when creating the flash image. The “” depends on this. Unless it is something in “rootfs/boot/”, then the odds are very very good that should you know what file changes have been made for WiFi on a running system, then you could put those changes in the “rootfs/” and it would “just work” after flash. I do this with ssh keys, sometimes networking, extra content, so on. You could even clone a working system and mount that over “rootfs/” and it would use this instead (but it would edit extlinux.conf and the kernel Image, perhaps other content related to boot and the kernel, but everything else would remain an exact copy…imagine the default image even having apt updates…then umount this and you revert back to the original “rootfs/”).

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