Using GigE camera with jetson nano

I am trying to use GigE theimagingsource camera( with Jetson Nano. If I use the ethernet port to connect the camera, it is not detected. can I connect it to the USB port using ethernet to USB adapter?
Hope to find some help

Hi, typically the GigEVision camera vendor will need to provide a Linux aarch64 (arm64) build of their driver SDK to run on the Jetson. Have you installed that?

If the vendor doesn’t have a version for ARM available, you could try the Aravis open-source project:

I have installed that. My doubt is can I connect the camera to the ethernet port and It will be detected or I need to use an ethernet to USB adapter and connect it to USB port of the jetson nano.
I was having a doubt since I am connecting it to the ethernet port it is not getting detected.

We don’t have experience of using this type of camera. Other users may share their experience.