How to use ethernet camera(GigE camera) on jetson Xavier NX Dev kit

Hi, I’m master’s course student.

Recently, I tried to use ethernet camera(GigE camera) in jetson Xavier NX Dev kit. But, It can’t work.

I try to find information how to use ethernet camera. But, I can’t find any kind of information.

Ethernet camera can be used in jetson Xavier NX Dev kit?
If you have some information, please tell me.


Thank you.

May below reference link help on you.

Thank you for your reply.

I tried to find information about driver SDK and aarch64(arm64) on their web site. But I can’t find it.
I sent E-mail to vendor about my question.

Is it possible to use any kind of ethernet camera in Jetson Xavier NX when using Aravis open-source project? I am wondering if there is using case.

It my first time to use ethernet camera, so I have no experience. I’m waiting your advice.

Thank you.

I believe ethernet camera doesn’t depend on any platform. I think any of platform have network interface should be able support it.

I think so too.

Thank you for your advice. It really helpful.