Using Jabil Camera Module FVC-820ML with Jetson AGX Xavier


I have recently bought a couple of Jabil Optics FVC-820ML cameras ( They have two boards, one is ON Semi’s AR0820AT image sensor board and the other is a MAXIM MAX9295A serializer. I was wondering if anyone knows how to use these cameras with a PC.

I was thinking about using a Connect Tech GMSL Camera Platform board ( with an AGX Xavier development kit, but I am not sure if that would work. Any assistance is appreciated.

It’s better consult with vendor.

D3 has used Jabil ar0820 GMSL2 cameras on our RSP baseboards and on our CIC (camera interface card). We have used the camera on Xavier and Tx2.

You should be able to use the camera with any GMSL2 interface board but you will need driver support. You will also likely need or want ISP overrides to improve the image quality on Jetson systems.