Using reComputer Industrial J4012 (Jetson Orin NX) mini PCIe with PIXCI miniH2B frame grabber

It seems that no PCIe device is detected by the Jetson board when the Epix PIXCI miniH2B frame grabber is installed in the mini PCIe slot.
I want to know if what I am trying to do is possible or if it is completely impossible to use mini PCIe slot for devices other than loraWan or 4G modules that are listed on the Seeed Studio website.

Expix XCap software and its drivers are fully installed
Ubuntu 20.04 and Jetpack 5.1.1


reComputer industrial J4012(Orin NX 16G) - Seeed Studio

PIXCI® miniH2B Camera Link Frame Grabber

This is the realm of the device tree (firmware) whether a pin function on the module is routed to some particular option on the carrier board. The manufacturer of third party carrier boards will state one of these:

  • Their carrier board uses the NVIDIA flash software (due to be being an exact layout match to the Jetson dev kit carrier board).
  • Their carrier board requires a patch to the NVIDIA dev kit flash software (basically a change to device tree).
  • The third party might provide their own flash software (the BSP), in which case it is more or less a rebranded and patched version of NVIDIA’s flash software.

There is a very strong possibility that a mini PCIe slot is more or less “inert” and non-functional if you’ve flashed a third party carrier board directly with NVIDIA’s software due to needing different firmware. Drivers wouldn’t be able to find the slot without the correct device tree.

You will need to verify what software Seeed Studio uses for flash, and that the Jetson is flashed with that software. If it isn’t, then expect subsets of the hardware to be non-functional. If you do have the correct software, then it will maybe be Seeed that has to support the issue, although serial console boot logs might provide a hint (but only after you know you have the correct flash software/firmware).

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