V100 Installation on Windows 10: "(Code 10) Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API." after restart

I installed the V100 on a Windows 10 PC (yes, with special cooling). After installing the driver (537.13, current version; haven’t tested it with an older one) everything works fine. Note: the driver installation doesn’t require a reboot.
However, after a reboot, the V100 doesn’t work anymore. In the device manger it is marked with an exclamation mark, stating: “(Code 10) Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API.”
I can uninstall and reinstall the driver again and everything is fine until I restart the system. This is reproducible. Of course this is not the best solution.
Any ideas?

There’s an error in the 5xx.xx versions of the driver. In the release notes I found the following information concerning Linux installations:

“A driver library mismatch error after a successful installation and subsequent reboot causes GPU programs to not start. 4302438
GPU programs work immediately after installing the driver, but fail to load after rebooting, and messages like the following appear in the kernel log:
API mismatch: the client has the version xxx.xx but this kernel module has the version yyy.yy. Please make sure that this kernel module and all NVIDIA driver components have the same version.
This is most likely because kernel modules from a previous driver version are in the initramfs.
Rebuild the initramfs and reboot the system. If a reboot is not immediately possible, you can temporarily work around the issue by unloading and reloading the NVIDIA kernel modules.”

This is similar to my Windows-problem.
Finally: The Windows-problem exists with all 5xx.xx driver versions (I’ve tested three different versions).

Solutions: Version 474.64 works for me.

same problem, fk nvidia

Same issue, will Nvidia do a fix or check driver compatibility in the future?

I continued to get this issue. I was able to get my v100 recognized by downloading and installing driver Standard 474.82 with the clean installation button checked and nothing else checked other than the video driver then restart your computer. Then immediately download and install the driver DCH 551.78 with nothing else checked but the video driver. Then I was able to see my v100 on nvidia-smi. I think it breaks after a restart, I am too afraid to check lol

OS: Win 11