Very high GPU load when enabling WebRTC


we are currently switching from LiveStream ober Websockets to WebRTC. But when enabling WebRTC the kit process immediately has a very high GPU load even if no stream is connected and no stage is loaded.

We see this von Create 2022.2 in Windows and Linux. Is this a known bug?




can anyone confirm this? As sonns as we enable WebRTC streaming the gpu(s) go to 100% load, even if there is no stage loaded and no stream connected…

This is a screenshot from our KitAgent (an own app similar to Kit Farm, that manages kit processes for our solution). The values are fetched with NVME…

WebRTC streaming is very important to us (we are developing a product configurator that uses remote raytracing for visualization)…

@mati-nvidia can you have a look at this… this problem is a showstopper for us. because we want to have as many render sessions per box as possible (of course :-))