VEYE-MIPI-IMX385 for Jetson Nano?

im seeking a little help regarding the IMX385 cam running on nano, i have checked the wiki and followed the steps . i downloaded thenvidia_jetson_veye_bsp and un-ziped it. however after checking if the DTB was correct it shows my other cam Arducam-IMX477 in the terminal.
mabye i have not installed it correctly and wonder if anyone else has set it up correctly for the nano BO1.
help would be greatly appreciated.

hello rob77,

may I know where is this package came from?

hi yeah the VEYE-MIPI-IMX385 has a wiki but its not very clear on setup for nano VEYE CS Camera for Jetson TX2 - wiki_veye
and heres a there github with corresponding files GitHub - veyeimaging/nvidia_jetson_veye_bsp: VEYE and CS series camera module bsp to NVIDIA Jetson platform

on the wiki, you can download directly the bsp to the nano then its about upgrading the image, however from here its not clear on what to do. im not realy jetson savy, still learning.

hello rob77,

this isn’t came from Jetson Partner Supported Cameras. it might not works with latest Jetpack release version.
please download and verify on the last known good release version, thanks

im running Jetpack4.6.1 which the guide says it covers atm im looking to see if the /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf is correct but i dont think it is as im getting

recharge@R-desktop:~$ sudo ls /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf
recharge@R-desktop:~$ sudo cp </home/recharge/nvidia_jetson_veye_bsp/kernel_image/Image> /Image /boot/Image -f
bash: /Image: Permission denied

hi, ive been able to get the files i need, unpack them and create a diretory in the /boot/ folder, however the problem im having is i cant move/copy the Image, dtb or extlinux.conf files and put them in the new folder. the folder veyecam is just empty.

how can i edit files in boot? do i use sudo su``su is used to switch user?


rob77 a day ago

i am now getting bash error when trying to cp the files, is my command wrong? when i check boot no files are there.

here i used root to try and move/copy image to boot

root@R-desktop:/home/recharge# sudo cp </home/recharge/nvidia_jetson_veye_bsp/kernel_image/Image> /boot/veyecam -f
bash: /boot/veyecam: Is a directory

here i tryed to move/copy dtb file to boot but got same response

root@R-desktop:/home/recharge# sudo cp /home/recharge/nvidia_jetson_veye_bsp/dtbs/Nano/JetPack_4.6.1_Linux_JETSON_NANO_TARGETS/dts dtb>/</home/recharge/nvidia_jetson_veye_bsp/dtbs/Nano/JetPack_4.6.1_Linux_JETSON_NANO_TARGETS/dts dtb/VEYE-MIPI-CAM2M/tegra210-p3448-0000-p3449-0000-b00.dtb> /boot/veyecam/ -f 
bash: /: Is a directory

hello rob77,

where did you execute this cp commands? are you running on Jetson platform, or desktop host machine?
you should also remove “<” and “>” from the command-line.

hi @JerryChang ive been trying the comands out on jetson nano terminal, from what the wiki says there are two ways to get the driver running on the jetson, first way is by downloading it on the jetson nano (im doing it this way). the second way is by useing host machine to flash the device which is not recomended from the wiki.

i dont know if my commands are correct im trying ‘‘cp’’ two files to the boot folder. so far this is what i have done in order.

On Jetson Board:


tar -xzvf nvidia_jetson_veye_bsp.tar.gz`   '<--- extract the download so i can get specific files ' 
cd /home/recharge/nvidia_jetson_veye_bsp/kernel_image/      '<---folder holding the file i need'
tar -xzvf Image_l4t_r32.6.1_veyecam.tar.gz               ' <---extract the image file' 
sudo cp ./Image /boot/Image

sudo cp </home/recharge/nvidia_jetson_veye_bsp/kernel_image/Image> /Image /boot/Image -f   '<--- attempt that didnt work'

hello rob77,

okay, you’re downloading the release tarball to Nano platform.
please check /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf, it’s LINUX for loading kernel image.
you may update that and reboot the system to have change works.

that’s expected, because you’re having incorrect path assignment. please check my previous comments to remove “< ” and “> ” from the command-line.

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hi @JerryChang thanks for your help i feel so stupid over a mistake like that. the commands now work and i was able to move the files where i needed. i checked the extlinux.conf and saw it was linking up to old arducam, so i updated it and now i get this. its unfortunately not responding and just flashes on the screen. dam, well like you said its not a Jetson Partner Supported Cam.

hello rob77,

please contact with vendor and download the last known good release version for verification,
you may also ask camera vendor for the binary update. thanks

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