Video distortion with current linux driver

I have a dual boot system Windows 10 (22H2, driver 527.37) and Arch linux (6.0.12, driver 525.60)

In the last monthes I encountered a lot of distortions under linux, especially on youtube.

Examples for that are

see screenshot problem1
Problem: rings around the girl, in Firefox, Librewolf and Chromium
Behaviour on windows: the same
see screenshot problem2
(distortions in gray/white/brown on top of the door)
Behaviour on windows: Windows does show the video correctly, both in Edge as well as in Firefox

The linux driver seems to be the latest available.

Thus, what can I and/or the arch package builders do to have the correct behaviour?


PS Since I can only put one link here, I will put it in a new answer, if needed

My graphics card is a GeForce GTX 1650, no other graphics card(s) installed.

The second image is the following

Maybe what you’re seeing is the same as this?

That might be, but as far as I see, there is no working solution (either).

One question: As it might only be visible on my screen (and only for me in this thread): Can you clearly identify the effects I mentioned in the pictures?

And if yes, does it make sense to merge this thread into the other one?

By the way:

Downgrading the driver to 515.76 - as suggested in the other thread - did not resolve the problem.

PS Further downgrading to 515.57 resulted in an unusable system. I guess, that driver version did not support the 1650. Am I right? Is there somewhere a list of drivers versions that are supposed to support the 1650 ?

In case, the above pictures just show my problem on my screen, here
are two pictures taken from my monitor

The rings around the girl, and the distortion above the door are clearly visible.

Yes, in your initial posts I was not able to see any issue on my monitor, the new fotos show the banding.
According to the changelog, the 1650 is supported since
2019-05-07 version 418.74
So I guess 515.57 just didn’t build on your kernel. Rather use the 470 legacy version as a check point.

downgrade nvidia-dkms nvidia-utils
further than to the already unusable version 515.57 is not possible on my system (which is kernel 6.1.2 now).

I also tried that with the lts-kernel (5.15.86) and nvidia, nvidia-lts packages instead of the nvidia-dkms package.

Both result in a system that does not start X .

I managed to get two backup system (on my hard disk and an USB stick) running with older drivers

Kernel 5.19.3 nvidia 515.65.01-2
Kernel 5.15.86 (lts) and nvidia-dkms 470.74

For both combinations, the banding is much less (but not gone) for the first example, and it’s almost gone for the second example.

If this was a problem with the dithering settings - like the people in the other thread say - then why does it still appear, if I completely disable dithering?

Addon: The (current) Windows 10 driver 527.37 has a similar problem, although the distortions are smaller or at different time frames of the given videos.

I rather got the impression the driver uses the wrong bpp for your monitor, did you also try to “changing the “depth” setting from Auto to 8bpc”?

I tried all combinations that are possible in the Dithering controls.
I even tried to switch Dithering off.

Right now, they are set to Auto, Auto, 8 bpc. Before that they were
set to Auto, Temporal, 8 bpc (Hardware default was Auto, Auto, 6 bpc,
for some unknown reason)

There is indeed a difference in the effects on screen, but some distortions are still there, no matter what settings are active (under Linux as well as under Windows)

Addon: If the 1650 is connected to the monitor with an HDMI cable instead of a DP cable, then the settings change to Auto, Temporal, 8 bpc, and the output has less distortions.