View port Screen gray

I downloaded the Omniverse but View port is gray. Couldn’t see imported asset in the View port. Please help.
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same problem… View port is gray. Couldn’t see any asset in View port. Please help.
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Grey sometimes means you are not using an RTX capable card. Are you both using RTX cards?

Thanks for your reply. I’m still in GTX world. Probably that’s the reason.

We are working on version on the Omniverse App that can still work with old GPU using HdStorm more easily
but already if you have a GTX you should be able to launch the omni.create.hdstorm.bat that is in the same folder as creaete , using the Launcher you can find the folder where the app are installed and that that bat file
let me know if you can’t find it I can give more details

Hi Dfagnou,
Thanks for your reply. I can’t find it. Is it in the “sample” folder under localhost\NVIDIA\Sample?

@mikaelworks -
Here is some info to run Create with HD storm. This works for a GTX 1660 that i have.

NVIDIA-SMI 461.92 Driver Version: 461.92 CUDA Version: 11.2

Using storm will not display materials or have the true RTX Omniverse experience, but you can play around.


How about when I use two GPUs? I have the grey viewport. Now I suspect its because Omniverse is using my secondary GPU (GTX 1080 Ti). The main one is a RTX 3080.

How can I set which one to use?

@malmqvist.martin -
can you send me your Create log file(s) at this location (zipped)


Let me look into repro and solution


here are the log files. Thanks

logs.rar (895 KB)

@mikaelworks - The logs you sent for have a 4/19/2021 date for the Create log. Thus do not think they show the latest info. Did you try and start Create from the command line as in my response?

Can you help me with the syntax.

The right syntax :

cd C:\Users\Mikael\AppData\Local\ov\pkg\create-2021.1.1

Otherwise you can go inside Create → “Help” Tab → “App Launcher”.

I do have the same issue, only that I´m on an RTX2600 Notebook. Please any help?

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@pedrokiles -
Can you give some more details?

  1. What application is being used (Create, View, ?)
  2. Nvidia driver version
  3. can you zip up the folder

The app is Audio2Face.

Windows 10 pro 64
RTX 2060 driver 462.59

Find attached the logs folder: (1.2 MB)

Thank you!

EDIT- tWhen opening it is showing blank viewport and Loading TensorRT engine remains stuck

@pedrokiles -

Can you try the following.

  1. Uninstall Omniverse using the tool at this link (
  1. After done, reinstall but make sure you use the default values for cache installation. I see that Cache was installed at C:\Program Files\Omniverse in your logs. There is an error stating “Access is denied” to that cache path
    reinstall cache
    reinstall Audio2Face

If problem persists, capture logs again. Want to get past this access error first.

You can verify the cache path by using Launcher, going to Cache → hit the “Cache Settings” button. Should pop up a web page that looks close this:


that single change fixed everything. Enjoying now the beast. Awesome work on these apps, they are Magic!

Thanks a lot.

So, if I dont have an RTX, can I use the audio2file app? Is there a way to launch the Audio2File using H2Storm? Cause I also get the gray screen on audio2file, thanks in advance!