VisionWorks Samples problem


I have installed VisionWorks 1.2.3 with Jetpack 2.1, but when I followed the “VisionWorks Sample and Demos User Guides” to run the samples “nvx_demo_feature_tracker”, the output is “Error: Can’t open source URI /home/ubuntu/VisionWorks-1.2-Samples/bin/…/data/cars.mp4”, even giving absolute path doesn’t solve the issue. I am in ubuntu 14.04 32bit OS. Can you give me some advice ?


I am facing the same problem. Double clicking the the .mp4-file opens “Videos” which is able to run the file. I use VisionWorks 1.4 and Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit on TX1, all frest installed.


Could you try following modification?

--- std::string sourceUri = app.findSampleFilePath("cars.mp4");
+++ std::string sourceUri = "/home/ubuntu/VisionWorks-1.2-Samples/data/cars.mp4";

--- std::string configFile = app.findSampleFilePath("feature_tracker_demo_config.ini");
+++ std::string configFile = "/home/ubuntu/VisionWorks-1.2-Samples/data/feature_tracker_demo_config.ini";

For ManuKlause,
Please replace VisionWorks-1.2-Samples by VisionWorks-1.4-Samples.