VS2012 support

Is it coming in the next version?

We will support 2012 in the coming release. Please be patient and wait.:)

It has been released! You can download it now with the latest TADP.

Not fully support. I’m using VS2012, CUDA 5.5. I can’t successfully compile samples! I opened the file: ‘Samples_vs2012.sln’, but it strangely asked me to update. Then I updated, keep getting link error and other compiling error for different project. How could sample project have so many errors. Did Nvidia really tested them before release?!

Hi KylinCheng,

We are looking into this issue. Thanks!

Hi, KylinCheng

Feel free to send your detailed error to devtools-support@nvidia.com.

For the link errors, have you compile the lib projects at first? That would be good to send your errors to us.
I would like to ask you a few more questions:

  1. what version of TADP you are using.
  2. are you using the sample package come with Nsight Tegra in a same version of TADP?
  3. Have you let TADP installed Android SDK and NDK for you? Do you have other Andorid SDK and NDK configured in your system?

Anyway, as I said, an error log could be very helpful. And we will give you quick solutions.

Hi, Kylin

If you are asking Nsight VisualStudio Edition (for CUDA), you might ask to a wrong place. This is for Nsight Tegra, a VisualStudio tools for Tegra Android platform.

Which Samples_vs2012.sln you referred to ? From CUDA SDK ?

Free free to send question to devtools-support@nvidia.com.