Vulkan drivers debian


I am on a macbook pro running Debian Jessie 8.3 with gt 750M gpu.

Are there any drivers available for my setup? I’d like to get started writing vulkan code!

Debian Stable and bleeding edge development do not belong in the same sentence. That being said, SteamOS Brewmaster is a relatively light Debian Jessie derivative which is currently shipping the nvidia vulkan beta driver.

I have been using debian for a while, i’d like to stick to it. Which version of the current nvidia drivers has vulkan support for linux? I’d prefer to try that binary and see if I can get something up and running. Do you have a link to that beta driver download?

I downloaded and installed the beta drivers from here:

on my debian machine but it doesn’t boot up at all, just a black screen with a few lines of listing usb devices and some other hardware devices.

If I install the latest release drivers downloaded from the nvidia site.


Version: 361.28
Release Date: 2016.2.9
Operating System: Linux 64-bit
Language: English (US)
File Size: 83.28 MB

those works pretty well but of course no vulkan support yet.

Is there any word from the nvidia guys on some drivers that Debian users can actually run to get vulkan support?

wanna bump this again, any update on some drivers for the GT 750M on linux, specifically Debian?