Vulkan GTX1050 latest driver bug on memory

-GTX1050 mobile with driver 471.11
-Win10 Pro N Ver 2004

After updating my driver to the latest version 471.11, my Vulkan application would crash with DEVICE_LOST every time I ran it through RenderDoc. I was able to reproduce this crash in my app by adding the VK_MEMORY_ALLOCATE_DEVICE_ADDRESS_CAPTURE_REPLAY_BIT flag to the already existing VK_MEMORY_ALLOCATE_DEVICE_ADDRESS_BIT.
Finally I tracked it to the first vkAllocateMemory call from the heap with memory type( others work fine ):
The fix was simple, just remove the DEVICE_ADDRESS_BIT flags from the memory allocation.
Here i have attached a basic project that mimics the issue ( on my machine at least ):
main.cpp (5.4 KB)
vk_procs.h (102.0 KB)
VkNvBug.exe (144 KB)

RenderDoc just broken on every GPU except latest Nvidia 30xx GPUs
I think this is 100% RenderDoc case, no one test it and no one want fix it beside latest GPUs
(RenderDoc always crash for me on any GPU that I have(Nvidia/AMD), no idea how it can be usable at all)

Should talk to the RenderDoc’s dev, Baldur, he helped me identify the issue I described above.