WARNING: CPU: 2 PID: 369 at kernel/irq/manage.c:800 irq_set_irq_wake+0x114/0x160

After installing JetPack 5.1 with Jetson Linux 35.2.1, this error is printed when booting. I don’t know what the consequences of this error will be. Can you tell me the reason for this error?
log.txt (66.4 KB)

Issue happened on devkit or wirh custom carrier board?


We check dmesg on Xavier NX module with 32GB SD card on devkit and do not see the print. Do you use Xavier NX module with embedded eMMC or with SD card slot?

Yes, I am using a development kit with an SD card slot, using a 64G card

We try 64GB SD card and don’t observe the issue. Not sure if you have other cards. If yes, please also give it a try.

Hi, I tried to burn on another emmc device, and the same phenomenon occurred, and the same phenomenon also occurred when I started using SSD.

You may remove the packages in


To force re-downloading the package. Or can try Jetpack 4.6.3.

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