Warning - Jetson Nano Lacks Windows 8 Drivers

We leave this message as a future warning for any other, to be care considering to add this product onto their projects, so they can be warned about the unstability in compatibility related to these boards, in order to prefer any other, more stable alternative developments instead.

We have acquired a new NVidia Jetson Nano Development Kit B01 and connecting into Windows 8 it lacks CDC NCM and CDC Serial drivers.

After following the NVidia tutorial, after downloading and MD5Sum checking the sd-blob-b01.img Image inside the jetson-nano-jp451-sd-card-image.zip Zip File, after trying several operational SD Cards of 64 and 128 GB U3 Class, after placing the J48 Header, plugging in a 5V 2A Barrel Connector Power Source into J25, after plugging the Micro USB port into a computer, under Windows 8, Device Manager, Other Devices, the Jetson Nano appears only as CDC NCM and CDC Serial objects with Warning, (but not as a Ports (COM and LPT, USB Serial Device as other integrated circuits we normally use) and showing as a removable disk L4T-README, hence rendering the Jetson Nano absolutely unresponsive and useless.

Days looking for some driver, only leads to the same shameful result.

We have also tried the Headed mode, with barrel and jumper, without barrel and jumper, with display, without display, etc. Only the Power Green LED lighting appears, and nothing else.

Plugging a fan into the Connector only makes it rotate a fraction of second when plugged in. Nothing else, no other response from Jetson Nano.

A pure waste of money and worst… time.

hello hypfco ,

did you have a try by Serial Port Utility, I’m able to use this tool to communicate with Jetson on WindowsOS.

Serial Port Utility works over COM ports, and, since the Jetson lacks the driver for allocating that resource, it fails.

I have tried the Jetson Nano on several computers with Windows 8. With and without tools like Serial Port Utility. It consistently fails lacking the CDC NCM and CDC Serial Drivers. Only few LED beeps while starting.

hello NovaVian,

I’ve tried with Windows 10; I don’t have experience to use Windows 8 with Jetson Nano.
are you using J41, 40-pin expansion header? you should wire up pins-8 and pin-10, which are UART TX and RX.