We do not want the RTC time to update the local time,how to deal with it?

we do not want the RTC time to update the local time,how to deal with it?

Not sure what the issue is. Please share more information about it.

And please provide release version:

cat /etc/nv_tegra_release

Now we had another timer standard with PTP,so when PTP working,if PTP time is different with RTC time ,the RTC time will update the local time, as this the local time will be chenged frequently,so we want to cut off the RTC time to update the local time,thanks

and also we find that local time is unstabitily or slower only run the os;

I probably can’t answer this, but you will want to note which L4T release you have ("head -n 1 /etc/nv_tegra_release"). I suspect this is the same on all of Ubuntu, and not just Jetsons. And to clarify, do you have PTP update conflicting with NTP update? It isn’t clear as to the interaction of PTP and NTP, but can you say if you’ve added either hardware or software to perform PTP? Normally NTP would run, and I’m not positive, but I think this service is for NTP:


Normally a service or set of services are set up when trying to reach a “target”, and so you might think about the target as a kind of “bookmark” of services. Since I don’t use PTP, and have not set up for this before, it would be worth describing in detail what has been done to run PTP (both hardware and software). Note that whatever the description is, that I suspect the answer is not specific to Jetsons.