When will Jetpack move to Ubuntu 20.04?

Has anyone tried the suggestion mentioned by @dusty_nv ? (When will Jetpack move to Ubuntu 20.04? - #27 by dusty_nv )

  1. install 18.04
  2. upgrade to 20.04
  3. (install ROS Noetic)
  4. use Jetson with CUDA, python3, ROS Noetic…

Please, another +1 for 20.04. I want to run some NX’s in network with my main dev machine which is at 20.04, ROS Noetic & Foxy and also has CUDA Toolkit at v11.
How about a nice present for us all asking - it’s GTC2021 next week, surprise us, thanks.

+1 for 20.04

Currently upgrading to 20.04 on JP 4.5 will brick your build, it will work on JP 4.4 though.
Still waiting for 20.04

+1 for 20.04, please please

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I can’t believe that NVidia cares so little for us who bought that piece of garbage the Jetson Xavier… Unreal that it can’t run Ubuntu 20.04, especially in light of the fact the 20.04 is soon to be obsolete. SHAME ON YOU NVIDIA!!! Lazy good for nothing employees, staff and that’s the tip of it. Get on it!

Sorry to keep you waiting for the upgrade - as discussed above, updating JetPack to Ubuntu 20.04 also requires an update to Linux kernel 5.x. This is a massive undertaking to apply/verify all of the changes needed to support the Tegra devices. As discussed above with @gtj, we are working to mitigate this migration effort needed for future updates.

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