White screen with Nvidia Logo after cloning


It is the second times that after cloning a SD card, the nano board can not boot up! :< It is my original.

I just copied my card to img.gz, nothing is modified. And then, when I put back the SD card (not the clone) to the same nano board, it does not boot up anymore???

sudo dd if=/dev/sda conv=sync,noerror bs=10M | gzip -c > aaa.img.gz

The nano board boot is reliable, is it?


I put the SD card to a new board and it works. :>
Guess it is the hardware QC problem?

One of our engineers put an LED between the 5V/GND, I will remove it tomorrow and check if the LED push down the voltage during boot up. Sorry about that

I assume the power chip has protection if there is a LED (not really short) across 5V and GND pins?
Green power LED is still on, just cannot boot up.
Still need to check if there is a serial resistor tomorrow.
Hope the boards are ok…


If you can still see the NVIDIA logo, then it may not be a hardware problem. Also, I am not sure why there is LED involved here. Just try to use pure NV devkit to test first.

Instead of checking anything on hardware, check the uart log and share it here.

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