Wifi Dongle is not supporting in jetpack 4.5

I have installed jetpack 4.5 and after that I plugged WiFi dongle in USB port. The LED didn’t blink but when I have used it on my windows PC LED blinked. When I typed “lsusb” command on jetson terminal then it is showing connected but I am unable to use my WiFi dongle. And I am facing the connectivity issue.
Pls tell me how to resolve this error.

Jetpack 5.0? Are you from the future?

It is likely you need to install a driver and firmware. It isn’t the Jetson which needs to support or not support, it is Linux in general, but needing to add a driver is not the same as “not supported”. If you go to your Linux desktop PC, and run command “dmesg --follow”, examine the last of the output from dmesg (this will print log messages as they occur), and then plug in the USB WiFi to the PC, what new log messages show up? Similarly, if on the Jetson you monitor “dmesg --follow”, what messages do you see logged as you connect the USB WiFi dongle? Basically this is to figure out more about driver used and model of dongle.

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