Win 7 64bit Getting started, works on 32 but not on 64

Hello there!
I am running some example code from a book on cuda. It is as follows:

The program works fine on my 32bit laptop (just clicking the exe from dropbox, which was compiled on this 64 bit machine), but comes up with this on my 64bit win7 machine:

(the error messages are from this custom function i have been using instead of the HANDLE_ERROR function from example code:
void DealWithResult(cudaError_t result)
if(result == 0)
printf(“Error: %d \n”, result);

I deliberately installed everything as 32bit ( the sdk, the toolkit and the MSVC++ ide), its only the OS that is 64bit. Is it possible to get this to work if i download a 64bit toolkit or sdk? I heard that you have problems because you cant get the 64bit express MSVC++ you have to pay for it which I cant afford. If worst comes to worst i will just have to swap the OS’s between the machines so i can develop with dedicated cards.


You should download the 64-bit versions.

Stu, get the 64-bit of the toolkit. You’re right that VC2005 express won’t work, but you can try using the command line. This might be a tedious to set up but you can try using Cygwin (or MinGW, which I haven’t used) which has Win compatible versions of gcc, g++, gfortran, etc. You’ll have to do some spadework to get the PATHs to work, but that’s a one time thing.

Or you could switch to Linux, which is the best option always :)