Windows 10 file explorer slow

I’m not sure if this is the right place to report an issue, if not I’d appreciate getting directed to the correct spot.

We have updated an engineer to a new Precision 5550 with Windows 10. Immediately they complained that using file explorer to browse, create directories, move files, etc. was frustratingly slow, much worse than the previous 8-year old laptop with Windows 7.

We were unable to find a cause, this was a clean install of Windows 10, almost identical to all of our other (non-engineering) desktops. It was found however that the fix at this reddit thread from 2 years ago did fix the issue:
Fix for Windows 10 file explorer slow opening : Dell (

Basically uninstalling nVidia drivers fixes the problem. With nVidia drivers installed you can change file explorer properties, click the Run dropdown to re-select “normal window”, and click ok. This fixes the issue until the system reboots. So it seems there’s a nVidia explorer plugin issue?

The engineer has tested this and finds performance acceptable after the “fix”, but still needs to do it every reboot. Is this something that could get looked at and fixed permanently?