Wrong Surface Gripper gripping position after changing robot position

I am using Isaac Sim for performing depalletizing simulations. In these simulations, I employ a manipulator equipped with a surface gripper on its end-effector to manipulate boxes. Initially, the simulation proceeded smoothly, and the manipulator was able to successfully grasp and hold onto the boxes using the surface gripper.

However, I encountered an issue when I altered the position of the robot, such as moving it forward. It appears that the gripping position of the surface gripper did not update accordingly and remained at its previous location.

To provide visual context, I have included a video demonstrating this issue below.
Here is usd file used in the demo.
surface_gripper.zip (174.2 KB)

In the meantime, if moving the robot during simulation is not allowed, could you please guide me on the correct procedure?

@hairui.zhu you could try zipping the USD file before uploading as a zip attachment 🙂

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Thank you so much, I have uploaded it.

Hello! we just released a new version of Isaac Sim (2023.1.0) that contains many critical updates in the Surface gripper - would you be able to retry in the latest and check if it performs as expected?

Please check the documentation to see what changes are needed in how to operate the surface gripper in an Omnigraph since it has changed.