Xavier NX CoreDumped

Hello. I am currently researching with the Xavier NX Developer kit to drive the ZED2 camera. If you run DepthViewer or ZEDfu from ’ cd usr/local/zed2/tools/’ in the top-level folder through the terminal, “System throttled due to Over-current.” occurs, and Core Dumped is output. What is the solution? Also, is there a limit to using only 3GB without maximizing RAM? If the limit is stuck, what is the way to release it?

Hi, do you use latest release? There’s a protection mechanism in detecting over current. It is to prevent permanent damage to hardware. If you use latest release and still observe the prints, please try to connect to external USB hub with power supply. Try to let the external power supply offer power to the camera.

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install jetson-stats
and check is EMC load over 100%?
my side have issue EMC load over 110% at 1.9GHz with Furmark linux x64 with box64

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