Xavier + USB3 Vision (Basler)

Does Xavier support USB3 Genicam vision camera (such as basler?) If so : Someone had successfully compiled the basler libs for ARM ? Thanks, rgds

Hi agruet, I am using Basler GigE Vision (ethernet) cameras with Jetson and downloaded/use the Pylon5 SDK, also using Genicam. Works seamless on Xavier/TX2/Nano. Have not tried USB3 though.

Hi cfr,
Thank you for your inputs,
Could you extend what is idleness and delay when using these cameras, please?
Specifically it is of interest if to install a camera to a Jetson, and get the stream processed/played at a network server with GPU. When we are using default CSI cameras of TX2/Xavier, nano R pi, we are getting delay when processing or playing the stream at the server, and specifically it is explicit when using 4K resolution with nano device streaming over network via rtsp-gstreamer implementation with test-launch binary.
What is an average delay and drop of frames when you stream with these cameras over the network? how long it will take at remote acceptor to play a hand appear before camera at Jetson side? will it be smooth after? with 4K nano streaming it takes seconds of delay before the hand will be shown at network player, and the movement will be not necessarily smooth at all, as it could freeze and show some fragment and then again drop frames, etc. will it be all like freeze and frame drop and lags even if using these cameras?
Could you extend on the performance, please?