xsens MTI-710 can not connect to DPX2 (error:Draining XSense buffer)

vidia@tegra-ubuntu:/usr/local/driveworks/bin$ ./sample_imu_logger --driver=imu.xsens --params=device=/dev/ttyUSB0,frequency=100
[16-1-2019 22:24:56] Initialize DriveWorks SDK v1.2.400
[16-1-2019 22:24:56] Release build with GNU 4.9.4 from v1.2.0-rc11-0-ga7f5475 against Vibrante PDK v5.0.10.3
[16-1-2019 22:24:56] Platform: Detected Drive PX2 - Tegra A
[16-1-2019 22:24:56] TimeSource: monotonic epoch time offset is 1547703683944077
[16-1-2019 22:24:56] TimeSource: PTP ioctl returned error. Synchronized time will not be available.
[16-1-2019 22:24:56] TimeSource: Could not detect valid PTP time source at ‘eth0’. Fallback to CLOCK_MONOTONIC.
[16-1-2019 22:24:57] Platform: number of GPU devices detected 2
[16-1-2019 22:24:57] Platform: currently selected GPU device discrete ID 0
[16-1-2019 22:24:57] SDK: Resources mounted from /usr/local/driveworks-1.2/data/resources
[16-1-2019 22:24:57] SDK: Create NvMediaDevice
[16-1-2019 22:24:57] SDK: Create NvMediaIPPManager
[16-1-2019 22:24:57] egl::Display: found 2 EGL devices
[16-1-2019 22:24:57] egl::Display: use drm device: drm-nvdc
[16-1-2019 22:24:57] SensorFactory::createSensor() -> imu.xsens, device=/dev/ttyUSB0,frequency=100
[16-1-2019 22:24:57] EndpointXsens: started for device [16-1-2019 22:24:57] /dev/ttyUSB0
[16-1-2019 22:24:57] Draining XSense buffer

it always stop here.
thanks a lot!

Dear weibin_fang,

Did you connect the xsens MTi-G-700 via Serial or USB?

Dear Steve

Thanks for you reply, the “Draining XSense buffer” problem will be solved when the frequency=100 change to =30 or low. The IMU output was 100HZ.
so i have the new question about it how to get a frequency=100 IMU data.
by the way, HOW can i found to get the IMU and GPS sign both form the MTI-700. do it has example? where can i found at the document.
Wait for you message. thanks a lot!

If you look at the bin/sample_gps_logger and the bin/sample_imu_logger, you should be able to write a program that reads both.