3ds Max Connector won't connect to LiveSync

Hello :3

I searched for a solution but did not find one, maybe someone can help me please.

I got the following Problem:
-Builder and Unreal are working just fine, i can sync them and everything is nice,

But in 3ds Max i seem not be able to get Unreal and Builder to communicate with each other, when i start a livesync session in 3ds max it autoconnects to a session called “Default” which i can not see in Builder or unreal.

3ds max connects to the Nucleus server just fine, but opening a usd file does not have the changes unreal and builder show (when i moved something) it seems they are somehow using different versions of the usd file.

Had someone a similiar problem, where 3ds max does not want communicate?

thanks in advance♥

Hello @phlox! Could you provide me with a copy of your log file from C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Omniverse\3dsmax? It might have some information in it that will help identify what the issue is.

Aww thank you for caring :3
here is my “MaxPlug.log” file