3ds Max groups break objects

It appears that grouped objects in 3ds max come in all out of scale in all kinds of ways in Omniverse Viewer - is there any way to fix this? We can’t ungroup stuff in our scenes - it’s too useful of a tool for us to abandoned grouping objects together. And if it’s a reset xform thing - that won’t work either. because we constantly need to scale things and can’t reset xform every single time.

Is there a workaround for this or any way to get groups to import properly? If I ungroup everything in max it seems to come in fine but again, that’s not really an option for us.

Hi @creationsof12 - does it work if you parent your group to a dummy/null object? Possible to share your scene for us to test with? Also, what version of Create/View are you using?

I can’t share my file but you can recreate this - it seems to be every single file, whether it was created by us, one of our freelancers or even online professional model builders (models collected from 3DSky, turbosquid, evermotion, etc) - all have problems with groups when imported into Omniverse viewer. They all explode, shrink, expand, etc. until we ungroup them all.

Using all the latest - latest omniverse viewer, latest connector and latest Max 2021. I will try to connect every group to a dummy object but really don’t think that’s a good solution either.

Create does not support “metersPerUnit” yet. You can try it in two ways.

  1. 3ds Max scene units CM
  2. In Create, manually set the scale to 1,1,1 for each group xform by clicking the blue box on the right.