535.54.03 Screen tearing while gaming on Wayland session

This should be able to reproduce the issue in CS2:
Make sure you have the following settings and run the game with mangohud enabled:
Either ForceComp or ForceFullComp both reproduce it.
Then for the mangohud settings make sure this is on(I’m using goverlay to have mangohud globally enabled and then just tweak settings):

Now run CS2 and the screen tearing should be evident when moving the mouse, it is in the middle of the screen, horizontal tear.

EDIT: P.S. This is for X11 screen tearing, not Wayland.

For me, even 2 years ago forcing composition pipeline would produce mind-numbing stutter on NV. Never used it on Xorg since then, because of that.

As for the Wayland stutter, it seems to happen mostly when I’m unable to hit smooth Vsync frame rate. If the frame is not done on time, the syncing gets out of whack and it basically shows older/out of order frames. If you’re gonna hit that target frame rate all the time and won’t see any shader or streaming related stutter, then you probably won’t notice it at first.

Xorg will do for now, until explicit sync is merged properly. I’m honestly ready to ditch it, cause to me Wayland is just way smoother experience. I’m getting sick of situations when one app is losing frames and making the whole DE a laggy mess.


Yeah, that thing about one app making the entire desktop laggy and lose frames is why I cherrish Ubuntu with their exclusive triple buffering vsynced desktop for Gnome. I heard everyone else is getting it with Gnome 46, not sure though.

Btw, I’m still seeing the horizontal tearing on drivers 545. Posted my system specs further above. I said it only happens on Wayland, but now I see it in X11 too. Happens pretty much in all games: Everquest 2, Forza Horizon 4 etc. Never had any of these issues with my AMD RX570 btw. With AMD everything vsync and desktop is buttery smooth, not a single hiccup whatsoever (both for the desktop and all things gaming).

FINALLY SOMEONE WITH THE EXACT SAME BLACK BAR/TEARING ISSUE! I’ve been having this same issue, also using Garuda and KDE Plasma w/ Wayland and this seems to be the only place on the internet that has documented it

I’ve spent the past few hours troubleshooting this with every fix I can find or think of for Arch, Garuda, NVIDIA, Wayland, anything that might be relevant. I have found out that putting my main display to 60hz (to match my secondary) fixes it (while introducing some other issues in some games) and so does… streaming the game on Discord…?

X11 doesn’t run nearly as well as Wayland for me, outside of this issue. I really hope it gets sorted soon NVIDIA

Garuda Arch Linux
LG 27GL850 @ 144hz & ASUS 1440p @ 60hz
Intel i7 8700k
GTX 1080 ti
NVIDIA Driver: 545.29.06
Kernel: 6.6.10-zen1-1-zen (64-bit)
KDE Version: 5.27.10

here’s an awful gif that gets the idea across

For me, Wayland is not good at all for gaming, Nvidia need to fix the drivers before I give it any serious attempt.
For a game that gives me 144 constant FPS all the time in X11, drops to 138-140 in Wayland and doesn’t feel as smooth (weird frametimes).

I did exactly the same display and mangohud settings on couple of test systems and played game CS2 for almost an hour but did not observe tearing issue.

I assume the nvidia bug report also doesn’t show any oddities right ? I can try and capture a video with my phone perhaps that might capture the tear.

Hi @kodatarule
You are right, shall wait for repro video for my guidance and will retry for local repro.

Firstly I would like to apologize for the slow reply, I’ve been trying to make a video of the tearing but nothing seems to capture it(not even mobile phone capture - probably because it maxes at 30fps).
I can still reproduce the tearing when vsync is set to on with mangohud and the app detects(most noticeable is in CS2) even with the latest driver (550.54.14).
Just to confirm - you are testing with a high refresh rate monitor, I use 2 high refresh rate monitors for example both are 165hz and the settings I provided can reproduce the tearing, resolution is 1440p.